Welcome to the recently named

TRIO (Translational Research in Oncology) organization

(ex-Cancer International Research Group).

is a not-for-profit clinical research organization with offices based in Canada, France and Uruguay.
With an international network of 2000 investigators and 450 cancer centers in over 45 different countries, TRIO has conducted a number of new and innovative global studies evaluating systemic therapy for cancer.

TRIO entity comes from the merge of CIRG and TORI the wide group of preclinical researchers at UCLA to become part of an exciting innovative translational research program. 

TRIO is developing from proof of concept up to registrational phase  III trials in different setting such as breast, ovary, GI….



> Last News :

  • TODAY !
    Publication of the BCIRG 006 study:
    Adjuvant Trastuzumab in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer, D. Slamon and Others in New England Journal of Medecine 2011 365;1273-1283 October 6
    Reprints will be mailed to all Investigators who participated to the trial.

  • Publication of BCIRG 005 study : Phase III Study of Doxorubicin / Cyclophosphamide With Concomitant Versus Sequential Docetaxel As Adjuvant Treatment in Patients With Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2–Normal, Node-Positive Breast Cancer.in the Journal of Clinical Oncology 2010.28.5437
    WWolfgang Eiermann, Tadeusz Pienkowski, John Crown, Saeed Sadeghi, Miguel Martin, Arlene Chan, Mansoor Saleh, Sandeep Sehdev, Louise Provencher, Vladimir Semiglazov, Michael Press, Guido Sauter, Mary-Ann Lindsay, Alessandro Riva, Marc Buyse, Philippe Drevot, Henry Taupin, and John R. Mackey.

    Reprints will be mailed to all Investigators who participated to the trial.


The Translational symposium:

"Hot Topics in Translational Research: Transforming
Cutting-Edge Discoveries to Clinical Practice"
proposed and presented by TRIO Directors

held early June at ASCO and organised by CCO (www.clinicaloptions.com/translational2011) in partnership with TRIO, was a great success.  By clicking on each items of the agenda below you will be able to access to each presentations graciously provided by each speaker for your reference. Please save first on your computer to allow quick reading!.


Welcome and Introduction
Dennis J. Slamon, MD, PhD Program Chair

Identifying Tumors Expressing Predictive Markers: Lessons Learned From HER2
Dennis J. Slamon, MD, PhD

IGFR: A New Target for Multiple Tumor Types
Gottfried Konecny, MD

Targeting the PI3K Pathway
Carlos L. Arteaga, MD

Panel Discussion
Antireplication Agents: CDK Inhibitors and Telomerase Inhibitors

Richard Finn, MD

Antiangiogenesis: Using Old and New Approaches
John R. Mackey, MD, FRCP(C) 

DNA Repair Pathways and PARP Inhibition
Nicholas Turner, MD

Panel Discussion/Concluding Remarks



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